Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Waka Ama 2018/2019 - WAITAKERE!

In the holidays I went to Cambridge for Wakaama Nationals and it was live on TV like Moari Television and the news. I'm in Intermediate girls team and we have different colored teams like Ma which is white , Pangu which is black and my team KAKARIKI which is green. The rules for our race was we get a number and we need to find the lane but if you go into an others teams lane then you are disqualified. In 3...2...1 Go! and we were off paddle so hard and then it was finished we came Third. When we finished our race we found out that the other team flipped we were so shocked and we also found out that they were a new team and it was there first ever race that they had done. I had so much fun hanging out with my best friends and even though we didn't come 1st I had the best time racing.

Waka ama 2019 Nationals
Lake Karapiro 
Intermediate Girls- Team Kakariki
Katana | Emma-Jade | Nevajah | Kahukura | Zabella | Allessandra 


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