Thursday, 28 February 2019

Going to Australia

On Wednesday My mum, My Auntie and me we went to Australia for my Aunty Cathayan 21st Birthday. We went on Latam Airline that has a TV and gives you breakfast and it was 3 hour flight. 3 hours later we landed in Australia I got to stay the night at my Papa and Mama Ozzie's place and then me and my mum, and Stanley, Aunty Cathayan went to the luna park it was so much fun it had roller coasters and the roller coasters I went on went up and down up and down it was so much fun. And other one I went on was called "The Spider," it will spin around in circles and Stanley went on a roller coaster that went up and down in a circle and we got to eat candy floss. And then it was the day of my Aunty Cathayan 21st Birthday and my Uncle Metua and my Auntie Paige were her siblings and we got to eat cake that had a candle that said 21 my Auntie pulled the candle and there was money coming out of the cake. And then it was time to dance! there was a DJ that did all the Technology like there was lazers going on the ceiling and smoke going on the dance floor I'm excited to back there again.

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