Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Our newest family member

I would like to introduce to you our newest family member- ZIGGY.
Ziggy is my sister and Anau's  new baby puppy and he is really really small. He is only 2 months old and is so cute.
He is white with black and brown spots. He likes to jump, bite and kiss everyone. He is a smooth Fox Terrier and he won't be a very big dog just a little dog when he grows up, we love our new family member.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Houhora with Aunty Carolyn

In the school holidays me and my cousin Charlotte went up north to see Aunty Carolyn. Aunty Carolyn lives up north in Houhora, it is very very far and we drove in the car for 5 hours! We had to wake up so early so we could get there by lunchtime. We slept most of the whole trip. In the car was my cousin Charlotte, my aunty Pauline, Uncle Justin and his nephew Tremaine. It was so much fun when we got there, we played cricket, went to the beach and went right up to the top of the North Island to Cape Reinga. I have now been to the top of the North Island and right down to the bottom of the South Island in Bluff. Aunty Carolyn has 2 dogs their names are Abby and Daisy. This is a photo of me and Abby.

Monday, 23 July 2018

School Holiday with Charlotte

In the holidays my cousin Charlotte came to stay at mine for sleepover. I was so excited to have her come for a sleepover at my house. My mum and I went shopping for food and we stayed up late at night having junk food snacks and playing on our iPhone, watching movies and laughing all night. One of our trips out was doing a treasure hunt at the museum.

My First Holy Communion

On the 1st of July 2018 I had my first Holy Communion at the Good Shepherd Parish. This is the last of the Sacramental programme and is the most important. We practiced in the school hall first how we were going to walk up and how we hold the hosts and the wine cup and also what we had to say. Miss Cultrera showed us how we should place our hands. I put my right hand underneath my left hand and then I go up to Father and he will say "this is the body of Christ" and then I say "amen" he then gives me the hosts. The hosts is a wafer or a little cracker. I received the hosts in my left hand and use my right hand to put it in my mouth. The hosts represents the body of Christ. Then I walked over to the next Father to receive the wine. Miss Cultrera warned us that the wine will be yukky but we had to drink our first one.  Father said "this is the blood of Christ" then I said "amen" I took the cup very carefully and drank just a little bit but I have to say it wasn't too bad. Miss Cultrera said that when we go to mass we don't have to have the wine if we don't want it but for our first Holy Communion we did. We had a big afternoon tea in the school hall after mass with all our friends and families it was fun.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Swimming lessons

One of my favourite things to do is Swim. I have been swimming at Te Atatu Swimsation since I was 6 years old. I started in Whipa Snapa classes then Olly Octopus, Supa Seal, Awesome Ora, and am now in the Great White class. Great White is the start of squad swimming and is my favourite class because I have one of my favourite swimming teachers again Ethan. Because Ethan is a man you can hear him really loudly at swimming lessons so you don't have time to feel embarrassed because everyone is watching you.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

My friend Soeun

On Tuesday I had a play date with my friend Soeun. Soeun is in room 6 at GSS. Soeun is fascinated with making things especially experimenting with lots of different things. Soeun showed me how to make slime with glitter. I had made slime a few days ago with my sisters friend Matt but it wasn't that good. Last holiday's I made slime with my cousin Charlotte and mum but that wasn't good either but Soeun's slime was the best slime recipe ever!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Kia orana and Kia manuia Rarotonga

Kia Orana and Kia Manuia 

While in Rarotonga for my Aunty Phoebe and Uncle Josh's wedding I spent a lot of time at the beach, swimming and I even had time to go to school for the day. I went to Avarua school with my cousin Jessie! 

This is the Avarua School (bell) drum 

Me and my cousin Jessie at Avarua School 

 Me and Porohu Mamia at the back of Papa Steaks truck 

When the beach water in Rarotonga is too hot you go swimming at the beach resort pool 
with Hinemaia, Anau and Celeste

Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation gives us the holy spirit. The holy spirit strengthens and encourage us to live out our baptismal commitment to love and serve others, especially those most in need. We can either be confirmed with our original baptismal or choose a saint name. I chose a saint name.  My saint name is Mary Magdalene. My sponsor is Mary Pickering (Aunty Mere/Mea), Aunty Mea was chosen as my sponsor because she sets a good example for me. We had the Sacrament of Confirmation at night time at the Good Shepherd Parish it was such a cold night but the candles in the Parish warmed us all up. It was such a beautiful night.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Aunty Phoebe and Uncle Josh's wedding

In March we went to Rarotonga for my Aunty Phoebe's wedding. Aunty Phoebe was getting married to Uncle Josh. This is my first time going overseas so I had to get a passport and everything ready to go. What was most exciting is everyone in my mum's family was going so it was going to be a holiday with the family again, we knew everyone on our plane, Papa Tom sat next to us going over to Raro. The wedding day was so beautiful but it was so hot. I had to preform a traditional Cook Island dance called a hupahupa at my Aunty's wedding it was so much fun especially when everyone was cheering, singing and dancing.
Aunty Phoebe and Uncle Josh Erick