Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Houhora with Aunty Carolyn

In the school holidays me and my cousin Charlotte went up north to see Aunty Carolyn. Aunty Carolyn lives up north in Houhora, it is very very far and we drove in the car for 5 hours! We had to wake up so early so we could get there by lunchtime. We slept most of the whole trip. In the car was my cousin Charlotte, my aunty Pauline, Uncle Justin and his nephew Tremaine. It was so much fun when we got there, we played cricket, went to the beach and went right up to the top of the North Island to Cape Reinga. I have now been to the top of the North Island and right down to the bottom of the South Island in Bluff. Aunty Carolyn has 2 dogs their names are Abby and Daisy. This is a photo of me and Abby.

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