Friday, 25 May 2018

Poi Making

Rm 9 has been making poi’s for our poi dance. Here is how we make the poi.

Things we need:
Wool of black, red and white, Two Plastic bags, Tape, Scissors


  1. Get a string, plastic bag, tape, and some wool.
  2. Get nine strings of the same colors white, red, black.
  3. Now do a plait until you get to the bottom.
  4. When you get to the bottom tie it up until it’s nice and tight.
  5. Get a whole hand of wool.
  6. Get the wool and strings and tie the string onto the wool.
  7. Then get 2 plastic bags and wrap up the wool and tighten it at the top.
  8. Then get some tape and put it all over at the top until it can’t come off.
  9. Cut the parts of the plastic that is hanging out.

Now your done.

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