Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Easter Holiday

In the holidays my cousins and my uncle and my aunty and I went to the Easter show. At the Easter show there were Balloons, roller coaster and toys. I felt butterflies in my stomach. One of the rides I have been on is Space defend, the spinning tea cup, dragon wagon 2x, and the fairest wheel. The most craziest one is Space Defend. Seihara and I found a huge roller coaster that goes up to the sky and then it makes people go upside down and round and round. It looked scary! Sabine Pickles, Seihrara, and I ate a whole bucket of COtton candy. We felt sick but then we accidently choose the wrong thing. We went on the fairest wheel which is the scariest ride. Seihara and I went on with each other and it was bad we were sitting down and then it just started to wobble while it was going around and around. We were scared so we cried. That is what I did in the holidays.


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